Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Dublin Airport Dublin City Centre to Belfast Ireland Bus Coach Timetables Buy Tickets

Bus Operators for Dublin and the Surrounding Areas

Aircoach    (sterling): £10   £20 Buy Online
Route 705 X: Dublin Airport/City to Belfast City
Route 705 X: Belfast - Dublin Airport - Dublin City Express   61

Glengall St Belfast
Allow you to ride on another bus if you are late due to flight delay.
Goldline X1/X2 Ticket Buy Tickets
10:20 or 1:20    £8  £16

other time £9.5  £17

* Translink: Translink的X1/X2的Month Return Ticket在购票的时候不需要指定回程时间,相对更加灵活。X1/X2 都在整点发车。

Europa Bus Center Map


Dublin Bus 56

Translink Dublin Airport/Dublin City Centre services are available to buy online, on coach and at stations. 61

Expressway Route X1: from Dublin to Belfast    66

Bus Éireann - View Ireland Bus and Coach Timetables & Buy Tickets    57

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